Thursday, 7 January 2016

How I Kick-started 2016 With The Best Kitchen Knives

As the year 2016 came beckoning, I knew it was time to make yet another set of new- year resolutions. This is something nearly everyone does, but which of course needless to mention, very few manage to actually see through their resolutions. I have to admit I have been part of the many people who actually do not realize their new-year resolutions and this has largely been due to the fact that I make too many unrealistic demands that are virtually unachievable in a 365-day period. This year would be different though, for I chose to make only one resolution, and that was to get me a proper kitchen knife.

I have always loved to cook but the experiences in my kitchen always dampened my prospects of becoming a good chef, almost to the point of quitting. Luckily or me, I knew what my problem was- bad kitchen knives. The kitchen knives I had been buying always had something in common - they either wore pretty fast or were just not efficient for the purpose for which they were supposedly designed. I was however fortunate that I knew where to look for the best brand but even as I searched through the internet, nothing seemed to come up. It is then that I decided to take a personal initiative to visit the stores and sample the kitchen knives for myself.

I was well wary of the fact that the store attendants would recommend almost anything to you to have them boost their sales so I was taking advice from no one. The mission was to find a perfect knife, get the name and then search for the specifications on the internet. I got plenty of names then took them home and run thorough searches for each one of them on the internet. I was amazed at what I discovered. As it turned out, some of the names I got from the store appeared on a page of the top kitchen knives set review to buy stood to offer. These knives offered a wide range of functions and even though they were largely specialized, they were also multi-purposed in various ways. I knew my prayers had been answered so I quickly ran back to the store and bought some. My kitchen experience has since changed, thanks to these knives. (Related reading: Recommended knife for today's home cook)

What's more, having acquired the best kitchen knives for 2016 just at the start of the year gave me a reason to add more resolutions to the year.

Source: Pcn chef

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hello People of Earth!

It's just fun you know sitting in the kitichen, having a cup of coffee, and just chilling. The kitchen gives somuch positive energy doesn't it? It's just like the kitchenis the gate to heaven! Hey, I am not kidding, the kitchen provides food hence it is heaven (If you know what I mean).

You can do so many things in the kitchen! Spice up your favourite food, invent a new type of dish or even bake! The moment you enter your kitchen, it just automatically gives you that vibe you know. So let's talk about my blog. Since I am so into thekitchen, I have decided to come up with a few recipes on my own and came up with some amazing desserts that you can try at home.

Hope you have a good time reading my posts and trying out my recipes and if you do, do tell me how it is. I would love to hear.